About Harmony Home

It all began in 1986...

when Nicole Yang welcomed her friend, the renowned Taiwanese theater artist, Tian Chi-yuan to her home with her two children.  He had nowhere else to go because he was HIV positive.

It was the time when there was no proper medical treatment available and there was insufficient understanding of the disease. The rapid increase of AIDS patients has caused negative responses in the society. This further induced withdrawal of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) out of fear of being discriminated.

Being aware of this sad situation, Nicole opened up her home to PLHA to provide them with a secure place to live in. Out of compassion, she established Harmony Home with the hope of fully reintegrating them to the society.

Fundraising 2018-2019

We have so many needs as we continue our challenging and important work. We have many goals that we can give the children a better future. As provide shelter care and support for the growing PLHA populations in Taiwan and China. We also address our service to the migrants and their children that human rights service.

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For inquiries write to:

Mr. Chunghan Lee
Email: leechunghan@hhat.org

Direct all inquiries to Nicole or Chunghan.

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