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Care and Support in Taiwan



The Association has 5 shelters in Taiwan: 2 for women and children in Taipei’s Wenshan District and in Kaohsiung, and 2 for adults in Taipei’s Xinyi District and 1 in Pingtung. Currently, shelter residents include children, teenagers, mothers, old people, patients who are physically challenged, in vegetative state, or with advanced illnesses. The Association anticipates the number of individuals to be sheltered to continue its increase by the end of the year.


The Wenshan Shelter is a four-story building with around 394 m2 of space, given by the San Quan Foundation to HHAT for long-term use free of charge. Having dealt with protests from the community in the past, it is now the home of around 40 children and 10 mothers.The Kaohsiung shelter for women and children is a four-story building given by the Catholic Dominican Mission to HHAT for long-term use, free of charge.

At present, Harmony Home is applying for license for Kaohsiung shelter to become an orphanage. Renovations are done to the building as part of the requirements set by the government.


The Xinyi shelter for adults is a leased ground-floor apartment and basement, with around 247 m2 of space, and its main purpose is to provide nursing care. Currently, this is the home of 26 PLHA. One nurse supervises care and treatment for the patients.

Across the street is another ground-floor apartment that serves as an extension of the Xinyi shelter. This was opened to accommodate the increasing number of PLHA in need of shelter.

The Pingtung shelter is a four-story building leased until July 31, 2012. This is our main facility for adults providing nursing care to around 60 PLHA. Most critical cases are usually brought to this shelter. Two nurses supervise care and treatment for the patientsAt present, all the shelters combined has a capacity of 40 beds for severely ill AIDS patients in need of intensive care, and 54 beds for those who were discharged from hospitals but destitute and homeless. We also provide 10 beds for foreign workers and nationals referred by the Taiwan National Immigration Agency to stay for a short period of time, and for HIV-positive IDU's, many who are under the Methadone treatment.