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Witness Harmony Home


It is my honor to know Nicole Yang since 1996 from Vancouver AIDS Conference! She touched my heart the moment I met her with her sincere smile and easy going manner. She has a heart bigger than anything when I heard her stories about how she looked after HIV/AIDS patients in Taiwan .

Since 2005, when I followed her to Henan AIDS village; I decided to support her whenever she needs me!


There are always amazing things happen every time I am with her. From doing all the nursing care to those patients at her own home and flower shop to setting up Harmony Home Association Taiwan, I am always fortunate enough to be around with her fund raising events. I remember that she organized a Painting Auction to start the Association, Dressing up with 100 of angels to protect the Home from not being kicked out by the community, building up the shelter for serious ill patients, looking after AIDS babies one by one, up to now 30! I don’t know how one woman can do it all! Not only could she do everything, but also does everything with an easy and relaxing way. It seems nothing could really worry her!

Time flies when we are all busy and when I am teaching my Gymnastics Programs as usual in HK, I never forget about Harmony Home. I try to raise awareness and funds whenever my company, Sportsmanship, has a chance. Sportsmanship currently has about 300 gymnasts from age 3 to 16 years old and they train gymnastics as one of their Afternoon Activities. We have been organizing Gymnastics Displays and The Sportsmanship Friendly Meets every year and we are using these opportunities to educate our young gymnasts that there are less fortunate people out there that we need to pay attention to, so all the gymnasts donate to Harmony Home, it may be a small action for them but I wish we could plant a seed for our younger generation in the future!

I was overwhelmed when I came back from Harmony Home this time; I was made to feel as welcome as usual with all the babies and kids, needless to say by Nicole and all the volunteers and staffs. I met DR. Joseph, Mathanja, and Chris; who arewonderful volunteers who support Harmony Home and babies. The most meaningful event for me was going to the Heroes Conference organized by AIESEC with all the University students, they were all touched by Dr. Joseph’s talk and requested to visit Harmony Home!  Five from HK and thirteen from other Asia Counties like Japan, India and Indonesia, were all harmonized once they walked into the home, all the babies and kids just welcomed them and wanted to be hugged and loved, our hearts all melted watching them playing and giving them love!

I think the most important thing is Nicole planted a very loving seed in them, wherever these University students go, they will not forget Harmony Home, the message of love and harmony will go on and on, one small step at a time, just like Nicole has always done!

I just hope more people no matter young or old, would take at least one day to visit Harmony Home, then you would know what real Harmony means.

God bless the "Mother Teresa of Taiwan", Nicole Yang.