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2016-2017 Stateless Children Project

Drops of Water!

I went to the office on a cold rainy day, and glanced a pregnant woman with two pieces of luggage standing outside our office. I didn’t pay her much attention, as I figured she was just the cleaning lady of one of the neighbors. When heading out for lunch, I noticed that she was still standing there, holding an old folder in her hand. I approached her and asked her if she needed help. She just nodded and showed me a folder. It contained a clipping of an interview of our founder, Nicole Yang, from an Indonesian-language magazine published in Taiwan, informing the readers that Nicole helps migrant women who are pregnant or have children. So I invited her to come into our office and offered her some refreshment. She told us that she had been standing outside for four hours, but didn’t know who to ask for help. After ten minutes, I also noticed that she was sweating profusely, and she told me that she experienced contractions once every 10 minutes. I asked if it was her first time to give birth, and she said no, it was her second time. She then told me she was having pain every five minutes, meaning that the baby would come soon. Luckily our social worker was available and drove us to a private birth clinic. She told me that she had no money, as she was illegal and had no health insurance. I told her not to worry about the cost, because we could help. Just five minutes later, she gave birth to a healthy girl weighing 3050 grams. I was shocked when she told us that she needed to work that night because her boss would not allow her to take maternity leave. She begged us to take care of the baby. She said that she had to work for her whole family in Indonesia and that they needed her salary for food. No smile, no joy, no tears, only sad eyes full with worry! Nicole promised the mother that we would take care of her baby girl, even though the child was stateless. Instantly we could see the relief in the mother’s face and then she vanished down the street! I was speechless and had tears in my eyes.

1500 NT (around 50 USD) per month, you can help a stateless baby’s daily expense. You can donate via PayPal. Feel free to email us if you need more information. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it